Vision, Mission & Objective


A centre of excellence in advancing primary health care and health promotion innovations with a view to contribute in socio-economic development in Tanzania


To provide quality training, health system research and consultancy that are guided by primary health care philosophy and health promotion approach for improving health and well-being of the society

Institutional Objectives

i. To strengthen the human capacity for improved health sector performance by:- 

a) Providing quality technical training in the field of clinical 
            medicine, nursing, health management and health promotion in 
            compliance with the NTA system 
b) Improving management of health resources 
     (human, facilities, finance, etc) 
c) Improving district decision making capabilities in planning, 
    implementation and evaluation of health services 
d) Promoting use of Health Management Information System (HMIS) 
e) Supporting health training institutions to provide quality 
    training so as to improve performance in the delivery of 
    health services. 
ii. To generate new knowledge for health sector development 
    through operational research and consultancy. 
iii. To develop PHCI-Iringa capacities and capabilities to effectively 
    design, implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate 
    programme/project at all levels of care.

Core values of PHCI

i. Teamwork
ii. Customer/client oriented services
iii. Innovativeness
iv. Transparency
v. Accountability

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