ICT Services

The ICT Unit at PHCI – Iringa is under the Directorate of Research and Consultancy. It provides ICT services to academic staff, administrative staff, students, researchers, and other institution in Southern Highlands’ zone.

The ICT Services includes:

  • Internet Services
  • Email Services
  • Telephone Services
  • Information Systems Support Services
  • End-user Support Services
  • ICT Training Services

Internet Services

The Institute has invested in a fiber optic network connecting all buildings thus providing high speed data transmission (1Gbps). The communication gateway to the outside world is through a Fiber link currently operating at a bandwidth of 30/30Mbps (down/up). All PHCI offices have internet connectivity giving the staff access to both intranet and internet services.

Computer Laboratories

Computer and internet access for students is provided in the Computer laboratories and through computer rooms at Institute library. ICT Unit staff ensures that all the incoming and outgoing Internet contents are regularly scanned for malicious codes such as viruses and hoaxes. There is an up-to-date firewall at both the application layer and transport / network layer for securing the email and internet users. Using appropriate technology the internet content is filtered to secure both users’ machines and information.

Email Services

Institute maintains its own electronic mail services for both PHCI staff and students. The email services plays a vital role in ensuring internal communications and other communications with the outside world. Mass communication to different groups of both staff and students is enable through mailling lists.

Telephone Services

The telephone section under the Directorate of Research and Consultancy oversee internal and external telecommunications of the Institute. The telephone technology support analogue, digital .

Management Information Systems Development and Support

The Institute relies heavily on several information systems to carry out its administrative, teaching and learning functions. Most of the applications are free open source software and database like HINARI, Pub Med, AGORA etc .
Furthermore, ICT team provide day to day maintenance and support to the student admission through NACTE Central Admission System.
In addition, ICT unit provides regular support to electronic financial management information systems Using QUICKBOOKS Software.

ICT Consultancy Services

The ICT unit is under Directorate of Research and Consultancy also provide different consultancy services to students, staff and other external clients.

This unit provides short courses on ICT related matters such as Microcomputer Applications Course, Hardware and Software Maintenance Course etc. Further the unit provides computer repair and maintenance services. Bring your PERSONAL defective computer to us and will really appreciate our services.

The services offered:

  • Computer repair                                           
  • Computer clean up                                    
  • Hard drive installation                   
  • Data backup                                                
  • Window repair                                           
  • Window installation                                    
  • M/s office installation                                        
  • Genuine antivirus and installation 
  • Computer troubleshooting                       
  • Program installation                              
  • Window upgrade                                    
  • Virus clean up                                                
  • Uninstall programs                                     
  • Updating device driver                              
  • Speed up computer
  • Upgrading memory (RAM)